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Smarter Working
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Smarter Working

Many organisations are taking positive strategic decisions concerning their employees working patterns and styles. Many companies are also changing their working styles taking into consideration office space and productivity. These situations are usually facilitated by making use of usually existing UC infrastructure in a more considered way.

The usual practical outcomes of these projects fall in to two camps:

  1. Employees are usually provided with a laptop and phone and given the opportunity to work in a more flexible way, this includes working from home (WFH).

  2. The existing office space is reconfigured to create a ‘hot desk’ environment with a requirement for smaller meeting rooms and ‘huddle spaces’.


  1. Working from home – Remote Workers

Working from home can be a daunting prospect for some, with thoughts of not being able to focus and losing ‘connectedness’ with their colleagues and office environment. For others it enables them to improve their work-life-balance, cut out the daily commute, and spend more time with their families.

One thing in common for both types of users is the need to maintain productivity and communication with their peers and management. The usual set of tools provided only go so far in making this a reality.

The usual webcam and audio capabilities of standard enterprise lap-tops is adequate at best with the camera way below eye level providing an ‘up the nose’ view for far end participants. The microphone is usually placed in a way that is picks up every keystroke on the keyboard.


With our many thousands of hours on various conference calls SLS have used these experiences to create easy to implement packages that immediately improve the conferencing experience for home workers and create a feeling of 'connectedness' with their remote team.

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